"A few words from whom I work with and cherish!"

Claudine delves deep into your business. Once she has a thorough understanding of your niche, she suggests tactics to get you to where you want to be financially. Through her acumen, organizational skills and gentle prodding, I was able to achieve some important objectives that I had been struggling with for some time. I highly recommend the Pink Coach – they deliver results!

Malak SidkyHealth Care Event Planner

Working with Claudine, in only 2 sessions I am moving towards my business goals more efficiently than ever. Her calm, loving, and no-nonsense approach makes it easier for me to take risks I may not have felt ready to take. Her knowledge and skills in creating a workable plan surpasses anyone that I have worked with in the past. Claudine has a way of making the dream come to life in a real, tangible way. I could not recommend her more highly!

Daria GrimonPersonal Empowerment Coach

Working with Claudine – The Pink Coach – is by far the best decision I made for my business. In just over a year I have seen my business – and myself – grow in ways that I never imagined. Claudine really knows how to listen to my individual needs and make suggestions, give insight or tap into unused resources to help me get the results I desire and then some! I can tell that she truly cares about her clients and celebrates every little milestone right alongside us. I HIGHLY recommend The Pink Coach if you’re READY to take your business to the next level!

Christen N. JamesMindset & Transition Coach

I’ve only been working with Claudine for the last 4 months, but wow… what a difference it’s already made in my business!  Claudine has helped me look at my business in a new way and really get clear on what I want.  I’ve booked new clients, grown my event attendances and discovered new revenue generating ideas since working with her.  Knowing that I have her in my corner is very encouraging and empowering.  Claudine’s compassionate nature and strong business sense make her the perfect coach for me.  I highly recommend her services.

Jenny McKeeSelf Discovery Coach

I have been working with Claudine for close to a year and during that time Claudine has helped me more than I can ever thank her for. When I first started sessions with Claudine, she quickly recognized that I was going through a difficult time as a result of my previous corporate life and my current transition to entrepreneurship and my journey to find myself again. Claudine helped me talk it through and believed in me when I had a hard time believing in myself. Claudine boosted my confidence, cheering me on until I believed I was capable of what she knew I was. Claudine has the ability to help you see your potential and push you to achieve far more than you thought you could.

Samantha WilliamsRenovations & Professional Organizer

As a self-employed business owner in a Direct Sales company, I know how important relationships are to our businesses. I love supporting like minded entrepreneurial people, especially women, in their businesses. Claudine Pereira is an amazing person, coach, mentor and friend. Working with her has given me clarity and direction. She helped guide me through some difficult decisions last year which I am so grateful for. This year she has helped keep me focused and accountable to my goals, tweaking as needed.

Randy MellonIndependent Designer

Claudine helped me explore how to take the next steps in my business, all the while doing so in a fun and entertaining way. During a “Beach Vendor” experience, she was very encouraging in helping me refine my elevator speech and how to sell myself to even the most discerning customers

Susan YellinPublic Relations

My coaching experience is so far very good. The Pink Coach is a confidence boost as well as a reassurance that I can achieve my goals and hopes. She steadies me when my thoughts go haywire or I feel overwhelm. I am new but I feel excited and relieved to be working with Claudine and I feel very encouraged.

The wonderful Claudine has been by my side for the last three years of my business, and I wouldn’t be where I am without her love and guidance. Through setting scary goals, renting office space, hiring, receiving awards from my brokerage and the local community, all while having a wonderful family life, she has helped me achieve the life of my dreams. Where I am today is exactly where I pictured myself when I quit my corporate job four years ago, I just had no idea how to get here on my own! Thanks to her, every day is like living a dream. If you are looking for more balance in your life, and looking to work hard to grow both your business and yourself, then Claudine is the perfect coach for you.

Hannah StojanovskiMortgage Agent

Claudine and I randomly met at the most challenging transitional point in my career history.  She, strategically, gave me the tools I needed to regain my confidence and to place one foot in front of the other to move towards my future – away from the past. It’s her genuine nature, expertise, and honest interest in my success that draws me to seek her insight and guidance as I design myself, my business and my clients dreams.  I’m forever grateful to Claudine and so happy our paths randomly crossed.

Tammy HartInterior Designer

Claudine has the unique ability to understand my business and my goals.  She provides me with the tactical and strategic tools I need to generate sales and provide outstanding service to clients while recognizing that my business is more than a revenue generator, it is an avenue for fulfilling my purpose! No other coach (and I’ve had others before) has been able to deliver that.  My business is thriving in no small part due to the guidance, support and powerhouse toolkit of Claudine Pereira – The Pink Coach

Hadriana LeoMoney Navigator