Sarah Smith

Claudine – where do I begin?
Claudine is an exceptional coach, but she’s also so much more than that. Over the past year of our working together, she has been a coach, a mentor, a confidante and a friend. Her sessions are always enlightening – she is so skilled at meeting a person where they’re at and holding the space for them to work through any brainstorming, problem solving and even personal crisis. She’s there for you during your sessions and also outside of them. We’ve had countless discussions and mini coaching sessions by text, which have been invaluable to me – that just in time support has been vital in so many situations and demonstrated how invested Claudine is in my success. I’ve been privileged to connect to her incredible network of clients, to benefit from the expertise of her clients and contacts, and working with her has helped me navigate the twists and turns on a path of real growth. During our time working together, I’ve made a significant career transition and Claudine was a vital partner and friend through every step.

Whether its entrepreneurship or career track coaching you’re looking for, Claudine has the expertise to guide you and the heart to help you overcome personal challenges and barriers. I am so deeply grateful she is in my life as my coach and as my friend. Thank you Claudine for everything!

Sarah SmithDirector, Education FP Canada Institute