Avni Shah

The Pink Coach, aka Claudine, has been a God send in my life. I met her in 2017 and immediately was wowed by her radiant glow and warm nature. Robin Sharma, a huge inspiration in my life continuously guides us to form our own excellent life team. He advises us to find the best Coach for each area of our lives. And he does mean BEST coach. An Expert! And this is exactly what I did! I knew that Claudine would be the best Business Coach for me and my Business. She is incredible in every way. I have accelerated confidently in my business with so many successful triumphs with her guidance, vision, drive, focus, genuine nature and concern. Even though we are on two different continents I feel she is so close walking my entrepreneurial journey right next to me. Claudine believes in all her clients and gives more than 100% Value as a coach. I know she is there for me and she is so happy when I win and also there for me when I have challenges. I am absolutely delighted that I have Claudine as my Business Coach… its the best decision I have made for my business . Thank you Claudine ?

Avni ShahVast Inner Potential Coach